With many banks failing, in the current scenario, a lot of individuals feel it may not be sensible to keep hard won money in Banks. Stock Markets and other forms of Financial Investments will also be losing their valuations & hence their charm among investors off-late!

So, whats the best option in the current situation?


It is a ‘physical asset’ and the Property is accessible, 24 x 7

No sudden closure of the building gate (like Banks nowadays)

The property doesn’t shrink in size

Physical assets can’t vanish or reduce in size – where as, in case of Bank balances, RBI secures only small amount of ur bank balance and deposits.

No Limit on withdrawals

You can sell any time, and get your entire cash outside – yes, it might take the time to market, but eventually every house sells!

You will earn rental income

Place the land on Rent and get between 2.5 – 8 percent lease yields. Most informed investors have been investing in commercial real estate today, to make between 6%8% more than a 3~5 year interval.

No dealing with RBI, no Government involvement

At best, you need to deal with the Society Committee / Manager, which is much easier to deal with

Good chances of Appreciation – considering, real-estate is at its lowest point currently

There are high chances of appreciation in Property over the next 3~5 year period

Get tax rebates

If you buy a residential house, with a home Loan OR if you purchase a industrial property in your Company’s name, with a Bank Loan, you’ll get Tax refunds, and also save your cash!

Asset Planning

Property is considered as the best form of asset planning for the next generation, from a long term perspective


•Prices have come down
•Property Taxes have bene reduced (for small properties)
•GST has been reduced (from 12% to only 5% now)
•Stamp Duty has been reduced (from 6% to 5% now)
•Home Loan rates have been reduced.

What more can one ask for? This is definitely the Best Time to buy!!

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